Reports - Inland Lakes Fishing Reports


 UPDATED 12/26/2017 please use this as a reference only. No ice is safe ice. Take all the correct saftey equipment when venturing out on the ice and make your own judgment. 


OSP(PORTAGE LAKES) - 2 - 2.5" of ice. Shanties in the bay by the tree and across the lake by the tree off the golf coarse. Not recommended to be on this ice yet. 

NIMISILLA - (C-5)  skim or open water 

NIMISILLA - (pizza shop) less than 1" of ice with open water past the pump house

NORTH RES. skim ice in bays and open water on the lake. 

LONG LAKE - skim ice in the bays and open water on the lake 

RANGER LAKE - 2" of ice

WALLACE LAKE - 2-3" of ice 











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